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Transitions Residency – From Science Education Research to Publication

» Application Deadline: February 1, 2015
» From Science Education Research to Publication Institute: July 22-25, 2015 I Washington, DC


“I really enjoyed the small size of the group. The facilitators are excellent – I appreciate their expertise and helpfulness! I truly felt as if they want to help me be successful in publishing our SoTL work.”                                                                                                                                                                                                  – 2011 Transitions Scholar


Transitions Residency Steering Committee

Marcy Kelly, Pace University, New York, NY
Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE), American Society for Microbiology

Johanna Krontiris-Litowitz, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH
Advances in Physiology Education, American Physiological Society

Elisa Stone, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
CBE-Life Sciences Education (CBE-LSE), American Society for Cell Biology



The Transitions Residency seeks biologists who are studying learning in classrooms, ready to share their preliminary results, and ready to evaluate whether their work is ready for publication.  Competitive applicants should have initiated their research, collected preliminary data, conducted preliminary analysis of their data, and possibly presented their work to colleagues on campus, virtually, or at regional and national meetings.  In addition, individuals who have submitted a biology education research manuscript unsuccessfully are encouraged to apply.

The Transitions Residency is a yearlong commitment comprised of several key training components including a face-to-face meeting, online “homework” assignments and specialized peer mentoring.


Residency Goals

The goals of the Transitions Residency are to:

Publish research on teaching and learning in biology
Identify collaborators for national and international STEM studies
Create a community of practitioners that contribute to our understanding about teaching and learning


From Science Education Research to Publication Institute Goals

The face-to-face meeting of Transitions Scholars is the From Science Education Research to Publication Institute, a four-day training session held in the summer at the headquarters of the American Society for Microbiology in Washington, DC.  The institute has its own unique set of goals:

Identify the developmental stage of scholarship of teaching and learning work (e.g., preliminary vs. complete) and, if still in development, determine additional steps required for publication
Develop a plan for additional data collection and analysis if needed
Situate work in the context of the field
Identify and select appropriate journals and online venues for submission of manuscripts
Understand guidelines for preparing manuscripts and assigning authorship
Develop a plan to implement additional steps required for writing and manuscript submission
Foster networks to sustain improvements in teaching and learning

The Institute organizers have compiled a collection of articles and resources for Transitions Scholars, which will be used during the Institute and in follow-up assignments.  Consider reviewing the research and progress made in the field of scholarship and teaching before applying.


Want to learn more? Review the Transitions Residency Syllabus and Application Requirements today!