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Biology Scholars

Biology Scholars are selected through a competitive application process for each Residency Program. Scholars are biologists who individually investigate their teaching and contribute to a larger community-of-practice where work is grounded in a collective understanding about undergraduate education in the life sciences. Scholars move from individual scholarship in student inquiry to community participants serving as peer mentors and role models in their departments, institutions, and professional societies. Over 260 Scholars have been trained since 2005 and are a part of the Biology Scholars Alumni Network.


Who are the Biology Scholars?

There are several ways to browse and search for Biology Scholars on this website.

Scholars Directory – a searchable database of Biology Scholars including their institutional contact information and the Residency program and year in which they participated

Scholars by Residency – a listing of Biology Scholars and their institutions organized by Residency and year attended

Scholars by Society – a listing of Biology Scholar Alumni who are active within one of the Program’s partnering societies

Map of Scholars – an interactive Google map identifying the expansive network of Scholars across the world


What are Biology Scholars Saying About their Experience in the Program?

Fifteen Scholars have been interviewed and share how the experience has affected their teaching and professional lives. Select a Scholar below to hear more about their scholarly journey and the advice Alumni have for prospective applicants.