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Alumni Sponsorships

Two support mechanisms are now available for Scholar Alumni who participated in the 2005-2011 Research Residency or the 2008-2011 Transition Residency.

BSP Alumni Travel Grant - The goal of the Biology Scholars Program (BSP) Alumni Travel Grant is to help members of BSP-partnering societies facilitate the integration of education and research in biology. Trained in using a scientific approach to study teaching effectiveness, Scholar Alumni are well positioned to highlight scholarly teaching and mentor colleagues to be more scientific and reflective about their teaching. The BSP-partnering societies represent more than 250,000 scientists, and the BSP Alumni Travel Grant empowers Scholar Alumni members of these organizations to serve as teachers, role models, and mentors of scholarly teaching. The grant provides up to $1,200 for Scholar Alumni to (i) present their biology education research at a BSP-partnering society meeting and (ii) teach, mentor, and lead disciplinary colleagues in biology education research and the scholarship of teaching and learning in biology.

BSP Alumni Fellowship - The goals of the Biology Scholars Program (BSP) Alumni Fellowship are to increase understanding about how people learn biology and support innovative, rigorous, and reflective teaching practices. The fellowship provides up to $800 to support Scholar Alumni to continue their work in the scholarship of teaching and learning biology with the goal of disseminating their work through presentations and publications. Eligible applicants must have completed the yearlong BSP Research Residency, including final participation in the capstone experience held at the Annual ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE).